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Episode 42: Lug Nut Casanova

Bryan and Hoadley follow up on last season's popular (Crackhead Casanova) episode with a review of Frank... The "over 50" crowd trusts Frank to tell them what to wear, how to groom, where to party, how to stay buff, how to pick up "chicks" and, of course, how to tell when your girl is cheating on you! Join the gang as they take a ride on the Frank train to crazy town...


  • Bryan “The 3rd chair saxophone” [1:54]

  • The Garry Schlambling Show [9:10]

  • Queen size vs. king size bed (with Henry Fonda) [10:54]

  • Short term cuddles [18:25]

  • The Crackhead Casanova follow up [22:47]

  • Meet Frank [24:21]

  • Frank’s “signs of a cheating wife” [28:24]



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