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S1-EP7: Mushroom Magnum P.I.

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The Commercial Break

Host: Bryan Green | Co-Host: Krissy Hoadley

Episode 7: Mushroom Magnum P.I.

In this Episode (Summary):

Have you ever wonder how a televangelist prepares for the big show? Well, find the answer you are looking for on this week's bit... Pastor Nick and Hype Man Dale practice the fine art of fleecing money behind the scenes!

Bryan Green and his co-host Krissy Hoadley, will share one of the most bizarre adventures of Bryan's life... Anything can go wrong when magic mushrooms, cats and cars are involved.

If you had, like us, very crazy teenage years, your are certainly going to love the story we are sharing on this Episode.

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During this Episode you will find:

An original Bit (Pastor Nick and Hype Man Dale) [0:00]

Official Intro of The Commercial Break [5:50]

Thank you to our community of listeners [7:50]

About calling cops [9:18]

Crazy stories that happen when we avoid handcuffs [11:14]

My famous basement, the rules of aunt Barb and the kid next door [11:40]

Trying to buy $2,000 dollars worth of mushrooms [16:25]

Adopting a lost kitten [18:09]

The weird trip with ghosts [21:27]

The neighbor is the judge, jury and executioner [25:27]

Answering the questions of a cop at 3:00 A.M. in the morning [28:13]

The real hero [32:12]

An encounter with aunt Barb [33:50]

The final decision [37:10]

Outro [42:40]


“You are going to get that jet when you get to the stage tonight.” - Pastor Nick.

When we start talking in tongues and asking for money, that is our stairway to heaven!” - Pastor Nick.

“I need some excitement when I'm blowing the coronavirus away!” - Pastor Nick.

“Thank you very much to all the people who listen our show from around the world.” - Bryan Green.

“A strange men with a high school letterman jacket, a skirt and army bots dancing in the middle of the street can be anyone of my friends.” - Bryan Green.

“As growing up, my basement was pretty famous between all our teenage neighbors thanks to the crazy stuff we made up in there.” - Bryan Green.

“Our friend “Donald” just appear in our basement and ask us to find 2000 dollars in magic mushrooms.” - Bryan Green.

“When you are in a mushroom trip, a 20 minute drive can turn into an hour and a half journey.” - Bryan Green.

“I just starting running and screaming STOP to those thieves. I feel like Magnum P.I” - Bryan Green.

“I was supposed to be the hero, but now I was certainly going to jail.” - Bryan Green.

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