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S1-EP10: Gas Station Girl With Rachel McGrath

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The Commercial Break

Host: Bryan Green | Co-Host: Krissy Hoadley

Episode 10: Gas Station Girl

Guest: Rachel McGrath

In this Episode (Summary):

The Bit: Tina, Tan and Tweeze is now re-open! If you are interested in tanning with our 1982 burning bulbs systems or microwave technology to get that painful dark rose color glow you've been looking for, we can help you! Our tan vans are illegal in 49 states, but Tina has a special relationship with the men of City Council.

First, we need to talk about "what is going on with people these days?", because it’s seems self-control has been lost. This pandemic seems to be affecting emotions more than health.

Rachel Mcgrath is with us. If you don’t know who she is, don't worry we'll tell you: She is an award winning and notorious voiceover artist. You can hear her on gas station bathrooms and also in Dubai; and now you also can see her on YouTube cooking delicious recipes @seerachelcook. That's how cool she is!

Ms. Rachel came to discuss life, love and the pursuit of fame.

Did you know that Bryan Green hate all dating apps? He is telling us a hilarious story about his experience using on of these apps.

During this Episode you will find:

The Bits: Jane joins a call about a new MLM opportunity [0:00]

Official Intro of The Commercial Break [4:04]

People are fucking rude! [8:44]

Welcome Rachel Mcgrath to TCB's virtual studio [13:15]

The first episode of See Rachel Cook: Carbonara Pasta [14:51]

Pre-virus, was it difficult to be a pretty single women on 2020? [18:33]

A hilarious story of Bryan using a dating app [21:00]

Unsolicited dick picks application [24:59]

True story: Bryan was a babysitter [28:55]

How Rachel chose her career [33:30]

Today Podcasting is like radio, and YouTube is like television [37:12]

What a voiceover really is [43:20]

The first radio that paid Rachel [49:55]

Don´t forget to subscribe on our monthly newsletters! [54:44]


“Honestly, this is the most commitment I have made outside of my marriage, and I am really proud of myself - Bryan Green.

“I don’t’ think anybody really knows what is right, self-control has been lost”- Krissy Hoadley

“I just want to say, we are good people, I think the only way that we can really get over this stuff is if we just start being more graceful with each other” - Bryan Green.

“When you are attractive, and you get on Tinder, and you get on Bumble, it is like a feeding frenzy. For me if you are an attractive women or men and you don’t take advantage of these dating apps, you’re missing the chance” - Rachel McGrath

“If I think of a single and attractive woman in 2020, I think of Rachel. How is she handling that? Because I was single for a good part of my adult life and I never sent an unsolicited dick pick." - Bryan Green.

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