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S1-EP11: Tik Tok and They Won't Stop

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The Commercial Break

Host: Bryan Green | Co-Host: Krissy Hoadley

Episode 11: Tik Tok and They Won't Stop

In this Episode (Summary):

The Bits: WSHIT’s Heaven at 11... Jim Strangist brings you the good word of the Lord every Sunday morning.

On EP11 we are discussing serious things done by ridiculous people. Like the rise of Corona Virus cases in the US because people do not want to wear masks. If you really hate using it, please wear a mask that says “fucking mask” but use it, please!

Politics is not our thing but we could not stop talking about Trump's shitty rally. We'll tell you why the Trump campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma failed because of a K-pop band.

And... Bryan has something to say about Joe Biden too.

Bryan has mixed feelings about his mother because she is not making him feel better about his parenting skills... But that's a common thing, right?

Have you ever seen 90 Day Fiancé? It’s an entertaining shit show.

Get ready for a controversial but super fun episode and make sure your mom is not around.

During this Episode you will find:

The Bits: WSHIT's Heaven at 11 [0:00]

Official Intro of The Commercial Break [1:48]

Preview of this episode [2:30]

Rachel McGrath was in our podcast [3:16]

Smoking sounds like a really good thing I should pick up during the pandemic [4:14]

Fact: The people who curse are much more intelligent than people who don’t [8:16]

One out of every ten people wears a mask into an auditorium during COVID-19 times [11:22]

Protecting people from being dumb [12:17]

Trump's Rally [13:20]

People did not show up because of protesters but because of TikTok [19:25]

25 VIP Tickets for free [21:30]

K-Pop people [22:51]

Twice, the Korean K-Pop Girls [25:00]

Congratulations to K-Pop for becoming a social movement around the world [30:51]

People love Obama [32:28]

Can you donate 5$ [37:31]

Bryan's conversation with his mother [41:40]

Krissy loves being an aunt [44:35]

Dr. Phil is in the Top 5 most popular podcasts in the world [46:05]

TLC's 90 Days Fiancé [48:00]

We have listeners from Russia and Iraq [57:00]


“Please wear a mask, this is for your health and everyones health.” - Krissy Hoadley.

“Why is Donald Trump beating the youngsters at their own game?.” - Bryan Green.

“These are not his people. The type of person he has been throughout his career.”- Krissy Hoadley.

“I have never served on the military, but I do firmly stand behind our soldiers because I think they are great men and women, even if the wars aren’t great. - Bryan Green.

“Trump went to the West Point Academy, and he was complaining on Saturday night at the rally on Tulsa about he had to salute. It was awful.” Bryan Green.

“It seems everybody who has a child has become the third parent of my son. Bryan Green.

“Every time my mom's comes over my son has a new disease that has to be fixed. Bryan Green.

Our newsletter is once a month, we won´t sell your information, we promise only to email you once a month because frankly that’s how lazy I am.”-Bryan Green.

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