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S1-EP12: Scuffles And The Sock Pocket

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The Commercial Break Podcast

Host: Bryan Green | Co-Host: Krissy Hoadley

Episode 12: Scuffles & The Sock Pocket

On this Episode (Summary):

The Bit:

Phil has an ear ache and finds an “ASMR Doctor” online… 

The Show: 

On EP12  We talk about our listeners from Venezuela, that beautiful country governed by a lunatic dictator and its crazy endless stories. Maduro please open the borders!

Golf without spectators it's incredibly boring but… Having a spectator with drugs in his socks is not! Bryan tells the crazy story of the Irish guy who went to the prestigious golf tournament “The Masters”.  

Bryan relates the curious case of a well known porn star, who he had to share a flight with… Memories from the tiny little airport in Cabo San Lucas.

During this Episode you will find:

Official Intro of The Commercial Break. [6:00] 

The Break Room [8:48]

The girl who wore a medical mask with a hole [14:34]

Listeners from Venezuela [18:04]

Is the Master's happening in October? [24:55]

The Irish guy [26:50]

A phone call from the Penitentiary  [29:20]

Dressed up wrong for the right party [36:30]

It’s a job, not a green card [43:18]

Tinny little airport in Cabo San Lucas [46:02]

Setting near to Ron Jeremy [49:25]

Bryan and Krissly's bet [51:21]

A Cultural Revolution [54:00]


“I’m not up for public shaming but please wear a mask, I want to go back to a normal life and do naughty things with my wife.” - Bryan Green.

“We think we have bad days here in the United States and we are literally throwing a fucking shit fit about wearing a mask… But in Venezuela you have to bring gauze to the hospital because they don’t have” - Bryan Green.

“I can’t believe that guy took a bunch of drugs to the Master's...” - Krissy Hoadley. 

“My dad was right. Anything that happen after midnight, it’s just fucking trouble.” - Bryan Green.

“We shouldn’t live in a society where it’s completely OK in some circles to be racist.” - Bryan Green.

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