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S1-EP16: Best Podcast To Sleep To

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The Commercial Break

Host: Bryan Green | Co-Host: Krissy Hoadley

Episode 16: Best Podcast To Sleep To

On EP16 Bryan reveals the report he got from the Google pay per click campaign and explains how it works... Apparently The Commercial Break is a multifunctional podcast... It helps teachers and people with insomnia, for example.

Bryan shares an amazing memorie from Chuck E. Cheese... Do they serve the best pizza ever or is it just frozen pizza? Listen to the story of how dating a Chuck E Cheese manager and taking her to his house was like going to space!

Bryan reveals his addiction to the Dean Boddie Show,  what an amazing intro song! If you keep listening to it you’ll use it as your ringtone. This guy can make you happy and positive at any time.

During this episode you will find:


“ If you’re looking to me for any kind of information that you think is even remotely factual, you’ve got to stick in your left eye ball.” - Bryan Green 

“ Maybe it’s the pandemic version of a swinger’s party.” - Krissy Hoaley

“ I’m trying to make you laugh, not to educate you.” - Bryan Green

“ It’s mind blowing, colors, explosions, mushroom clouds, little seaman running around in my head.” - Bryan Green

“ That gorilla always scared the shit out of me.” - Bryan Green

“ You’re deciphering the code; I actually think my mom is qeyandon.” - Bryan Green

“ Thirty to fifty text messages it's not appropriate, it's not what text messaging was designed for, unless you're breaking up with somebody.” - Bryan Green

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