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S1-EP5: Frankie & Me TV

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The Commercial Break

Host: Bryan Green | Co-Host: Krissy Hoadley

Episode 5: Frankie & Me TV

In this Episode (Summary):

The Bit: Bryan's mom and her boyfriend listen to the podcast for the first time.

While down in Florida, Bryan has a casual conversation with Krissy about the TV shows they are currently watching during these stay at home times. Scrolling through their Netflix's accounts, Bryan talks about the foreign shows he likes and that he has never been into Game Of Thrones, like Hoadley, who makes him promise to give it a try and watch two episodes.

The Commercial Break made it to the Top Comedy Podcasts charts in Canada!!

During this Episode you will find:

The Bit: Bryan's mom and her boyfriend listen to the podcast for the first time! [0:00]

Official Intro of The Commercial Break [6:00]

There’s still some common sense [9:33]

Me and raccoons [11:40]

Netflix's english translation of foreign shows is not good [14:57]

Bryan is not into GOT [18:00]

Bryan & Krissy's top 3 quarantine tv shows [21:18]

Bryan´s number 1 option [29:43:]


We popped out an episode real quick as I'm am traveling, I apologize if the audio quality is not quite what you expect. - Bryan Green.

“We are killing it in Canada! Thank you so much Canada! - Krissy Hoadley.

“I feel like everything is like the name of the podcast… we are all in a commercial break”- Krissy Hoadley

“We don’t even know the names of the shows that were talking about” - Bryan Green.

“My advice is, find a way to do your life and get a living, use your mask and stay safe - Bryan Green.

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