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S1-EP6: The Crackhead Casanova

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The Commercial Break

Host: Bryan Green | Co-Host: Krissy Hoadley

Episode 6: The Crackhead Casanova

In this Episode (Summary):

The Bit: Darklord Freedom Fighter calls Macy's. He wants to confirm a conspiracy theory about President Donald J. Trump by making non-sense questions to the employees.

Bryan and Krissy give us real advices on how to make someone fall in love with you by just being honest, careful and respectful. They will review the craziness of a guy on the Internet who claims to be a "love gurú".

Bryan recognizes that being single is painful, but "what the hell is going on with online dating coaches?"

During this Episode you will find:

The Bit: Darklord Freedom Fighter calls Macy's [0:00]

Official Intro of the Commercial Break [7:11]

Preview of this episode [7:47]

The Pick Up Artists Community [10:53]

Another Community [13:03]

Online dating coaching [14:48]

Twenty dark pathological secrets to making a woman crazy about you [17:00]

How this guy can help us trick women [24:09]

Don´t tell her about your spiritual side [30:40]

Triangle of desire [32:25]

Ok Casanova, what is next? [34:56]

What happens when the woman that you are dating doesn’t have the boobs that you like [39:00]

A really pathetic psycho [42:00]

How to keep her on bed [44:30]


“I do recognize that been single can be a truly agonizing state of fear. We all had been there for periods of time.” - Bryan Green.

“In my opinion, attraction has really nothing to do with robots or instruction. It’s just something that clicks.” - Bryan Green.

You have to believe there is someone out there that is going to find your personality and your looks attractive enough to continue a conversation far enough to surpass the friendzone.” - Bryan Green.

“Learning how to manipulate someone’s mind for your benefits is called being a fucking psycho.”- Bryan Green.

“Treat a women like a human being, with respect, and the honor that they deserve.” Bryan Green.

“Bryan, you always surprise me by finding the deepest and darkest places on the web Krissy Hoadley.

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