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S1-EP9: It's Sunday... Spare Me The B.S.

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The Commercial Break

Host: Bryan Green | Co-Host: Krissy Hoadley

Episode 9: It's Sunday... Space Me The B.S.

In this Episode (Summary):

The Bit: Bryan has a session with his therapist were he shares his concern for the "small numbers" of the Podcast...

Bryan tells his teenage story of how sneaking out of his house in the evening to visit a girlfriend turns into a 3 hours walk back home and waiting for the sunrise at his front door because he got locked out... Oh! And a Sunday full of house chores!

Also, Krissy's shares a story were she ends up calling her mom for help after sneaking out with her friend to go to a party with young adults.

It's all about fun teenager stories, and reflections on parenthood.

During this Episode you will find:

The Bit: Bryan visits therapy to discuss his "small numbers" [0:00]

Solidarity with those who are suffering from racism and police brutality [5:10]

Preview of this episode [5:51]

What is Krissy doing for the weekend? [9:09]

My father’s ability to parenting my child [11:50]

What happens with my Labrador [14:58]

Bryan is nervous he is going to be caught [16:49]

An adventure at 1:00 Am with Teddy [22:50]

She really showed me her green lingerie [25:29]

I need to a make a decision! [30:28]

I fucked up! [32:18]

My father is fucking cool, but he punished me by cleaning the house [35:08]

Krissy sneaks out of her house [39:00]

Spring break was a big NO [41:39]

Australian Gold Tanning [42:24]

Krissy's mom to the rescue [49:30]

Differences between Bryan's Dad and Krissy's Mom [50:15]


“It's a whole of different stories with grandkids because they are not your own kids” - Krissy Hoadley.

When I was a kid, we lived in a three story house. There was a basement were all the trouble happened. My bedroom was on the third floor, but you had to go to the second floor and go through the kitchen to get there. 30 fucking years later I'm still feeling the same anxiety to walk to the kitchen that I felt back then” - Bryan Green.

He says you meet me there at 1:00 Am and I got you covered, I'm going to take you over Lindsay’s house, and you gonna get your slut. Don´t you worry about it kid! ” - Bryan Green.

“I'm a father and if your child left the house, and you don’t have any idea where he is, that's so scary. But here's what my father would do each time I disappeared as a teen: the first thing was not to call the police, no, the first thing that he always did was to lock the fucking windows of the house.” - Bryan Green.

“You feel alive when you sneak out - Bryan Green.

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